American Deer Oblit Skull Blaze Camo Freedom Bundle

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Product Features:

-3/4” Cabinet Grade Plywood Construction
-Direct Printed Baltic Birch tops
-Hidden pocket hole screws
-Radius corners on tops to prevent damage to bags
-Rounded edges
-Completely sealed with Minwax Polycrylic Sealer
-Center cross brace per board
-Folding legs with nylon lock nut
-Built to ACL regulation weight and size
-2 drink towers with direct print score design
-Pro Style toss bags with free draw string bag
-6 accessory options

Each set of all-weather resin filled bags consists of 8 bags filled with high quality resin. Each bag weighs between 15-16 ounces and meet all ACA Regulations. Resin filled bags will not mold, can be cleaned with water and will always maintain the same weight and are weather resistant.

Custom Pro Style: Fully customizable bags with 1 slick and 1 stick side (2/6 speed ratings) compare to sliderite professional bags

Dual Legs with Leg Braces: (2) 3/4” Plywood legs glued together for each leg with a 6” plywood brace spanning the middle of the legs.

Rope Handles: 5/16” Nylon braided rope attached to the side of the frames. Help for easier and more comfortable carrying.

Latches: (4) plywood friction blocks attached to the middle cross brace to allow the boards to assemble to make for easier storage and travel.

Board Carrying Bag: Heavy duty bag to store your boards while not in use. These come with heavy duty shoulder straps to help carrying the boards long distances. Match this bag with the rope handles and latches for the ultimate travel and storage combination.

Setup String: 27’ of masonry string with carabiner clips attached to each end that attach to eye hooks located on the front of each board. Makes for quick and easy setup and stores nicely on the underside of the boards when not in use.

Multicolored Remote-Controlled LED Lights: These waterproof LED lights go around the perimeter of the board and around the hole to allow the fun to continue at all hours of the night! There are 20+ different solid colors and patterns the lights can be turned on to. Each battery pack comes with a button to change the color/pattern or use the provided remote to control each of the boards. The lights are attached to the underside of the deck with rope light clips. AA batteries are required for use and do come provided if boards are not being shipped.