Interested in our products but have some questions? Well, you have come to the right spot! Below are the most common questions

Cornhole Board FAQs

We use all 3/4" cabinet grade plywood (either maple, birch or oak). The frames are inset from the edges of the tops. Everything is pocket screwed and glued together for a robust and clean assembly. The folding legs are attached with 3/8" carriage bolts, fender washers on each side of the legs, and nylon lock nuts to eliminate the need to loosen and tighten the nuts as you play. All edges and corners are radiused to eliminate the chance of bags ripping when they hit the edges and corners.

While the boards are entirely sealed, it is interior sealer on interior wood so it is not ideal to always leave the boards out in the elements. However, if when you are playing and there is a passing shower, you can leave the boards out and just wipe down after the shower to dry them off. If it will be raining the entire time, it wouldn't be advisable to leave the boards out. It is always best to make sure the boards are completely dry before putting away.

You certainly can! When you purchase a set of toss bags with a purchase of a set of boards, you will also get a free drawstring carrying bag to carry the toss bags. The toss bags we offer are considered all weather and are filled with small plastic resin pellets. This means that the bags can get wet and can even be cleaned and there will be no harm to them. We offer (3) different types of bags which each have different price points.

Standard solid color bags - these are the basic bags we offer. They are made of duck cloth on both sides. You get to pick (2) solid colors that these bags will be entirely. If you are just an occasional / backyard player, these bags would be most suitable.

Slick and Stick bags - these are a little bit more professional in comparison to the standard bags. These bags come with (1) solid color which is duck cloth (slick) and (1) white side which is suede (stick). You get to pick (2) colors to be on 1 side of the bags with the other side being white. If you want something a little bit more professional in how they play, these bags will be suitable in lieu of going with Pro Style bags.

Custom Pro Style bags - these are the most professional bags we offer. These bags have been compared to Slide Rite professional bags. They are fully custom, but we do offer 9 standard designs as well.

The price you see on the products is for the standard boards with sealer and the design you choose. Everything else is a la carte! You get just what you want to pay for. No more, no less!

We do offer a few different accessories and bag options. Below would be some of our recommendations.

Occasional / Beginner players - Standard solid color bags

If you play weekly / biweekly - Custom Pro Style bags

Top accessories - Rope handles and latches and if you travel a lot, the board carrying bag would be a must add as well.

If you like to play as close to regulation as possible, the setup string accessory would be ideal to make it quicker and easier to set the boards up to the right distance.

If you like to play every chance you can get, you can't go wrong with adding LED lights.

Unfortunately no, we do not offer any bulk count discounts. We do offer wholesale pricing if you have a store you would like to resell in. If you have a business, we do offer business set deals, but those are the only discounts we offer.

You certainly can! Go to the custom design cornhole board product and enter in a description of what you would like and we will get you a mockup of your custom design. This is the case for both custom wraps and custom bags. You can also contact us with what you are looking for and we can see what we might have to help you out!